About Me

I stumbled upon yoga completely by accident. At my full-time desk job my legs, back and shoulders became so stiff from working at a computer all day that I just began stretching during my lunch breaks. These mini stretch sessions lead to watching yoga videos on YouTube which quickly grew into a full-on yoga practice.

From there I began loving yoga and the effects that it, as well as meditation, had on my body and mind. It was also around this time I decided to go vegan so sort of all of a sudden I was becoming highly focused on myself and my wellness - something I had not ever really put too much attention to before.

Yoga has left its everlasting impact on me and it is now something I am incredibly passionate about. I am in love with the tools associated with a practice such as this that can easily be called upon during everyday life interactions. As I deepen my practice and move towards becoming a yoga instructor I hope to be able to provide others the door to experience yoga and meditation as I have.

Therefore, I have created this blog as a place for me to share my experience as I grow my yoga practice and live a fulfilling life as a vegan. I will be learning so much on the way and I cannot wait! I hope to be able to share everything I learn and provide useful tools to enhance the minor existence we have on this Earth.

Take care, my friends - Namaste

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