Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Top 4 Yoga Poses For Gemini

Welcome to the Gemini season! If any sign in the zodiac would look like a fancy, shiny, sweet-16 party - It'd be Gemini

Those born between the days of May 21st - June 21st fall into the sign of Gemini and are the 3rd sign of the zodiac cycle. Geminis - as well as Libra and Aquarius - are air signs so are generally associated with intellect and being very social.

Geminis are so unapologetically themselves. They are who they are, so just leave it at that. They are proud of who they are and are not at all afraid to show up and show off! Geminis love to have the spotlight and be the center of attention and, because of their fun, friendly, outgoing nature, they are generally the life of the party. These outspoken characters can strike up a conversation with anyone about anything and will be happy to sit there and talk for hours. 

Though they sound all fun and exciting - they are represented by Twins - and there are always two sides to them. They can be a bit two-faced. They'll be your BFF and totally into you at one moment and then suddenly not have your back the next. The "Good Twin" is the fun one looking to socialize and make friends, the "Bad Twin" is lingering around waiting to take advantage. 

Geminis are mutable signs which means they pretty much fill in the holes and refine final details. As opposed to Aquarius which is a fixed air sign and is usually set in place on their intellectual decisions, Geminis float more easily between ideas here and there. 

For the social butterfly of the Zodiac, here are my Top 4 Yoga Poses for you! 

Salamba Sarvangasana - Shoulder Stand (Supported)

You may recall seeing this pose in another post I did for Air Signs: Top 4 Yoga Poses For Aquarius however, for the Gemini sign we're adding it here but in a more supported structure. This pose is great for intellectual people like Aquarius and Gemini by stimulating their minds and opening up the throat chakras, and we all know Geminis love to talk! While Aquarius is strong, fixed, and able to stand alone, if Gemini is going to talk and perform, they'll need an audience which means they feel supported by people around them. 

Natarajasana - Dancer Pose

As I've mentioned before, Geminis love to perform and have the spotlight - similar to a dancer - which is why I've chosen Dancer Pose for them! If there was any sign in the zodiac that was going to try to do it all - and be amazing at it - it would be Gemini, and dancer pose is just like that. It stretches and works on balance. It engages the muscles for strength and works on flexibility. This opposing combination works toward Gemini's opposing twin characteristics.

Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana - 3 Legged Downward Facing Dog

Because simply just downward-facing dog wouldn't be enough for you Gemini, you need to take things one step further to be above the rest so here you have 3-legged downward facing dog. This pose is often a transitory pose, moving from one to the next, and Gemini's love to have a leading advantage whenever they can. They're always ready with the next idea or the next answer to any question. They're well prepared and it's because they're intelligent enough to know what's coming. 

Utkatasana - Chair Pose

Finally, we have chair pose. This pose engages all parts of the body which fits Gemini's character of needing to be highly engaged. If they are not engaged fully then don't expect them to be around long. These people have fast, sharp minds and if you can't keep up or meet them at their level then there's nothing wrong with you but you simply may not be engaging enough for them. Utkatasana is a highly engaging pose - the legs are engaged, the abdomen is engaged, the chest and the arms are engaged. It requires focus and breath to maintain this physically challenging pose. But Gemini's love a good challenge so they'll have no problem squeezing this into their practice.

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Your energy is infectious and everyone desires to be around you, but you love that don't you. I know you've been waiting for Gemini season to come around so you can fully have the spotlight, well it's here! Enjoy it to the upmost potential you can, though, we all know you wouldn't do anything less. Take these 4 poses and work them into your next practice to help build up and strengthen the Gemini sign in you. 

Take care, My Friends - Namaste

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