Monday, April 13, 2020

Green Chef Review

When I went vegan a couple years ago it was so hard to think of something new to eat each night. I was constantly thinking "How can I make something tasty and exciting while keeping it vegan?" To be honest, I didn't know much about cooking when I went vegan so I was stuck eating pretty much the same thing every night - rice and beans. 

While I never went hungry and was fully satiated with food, you can imagine that my food got quite boring rather quickly - which for starting out vegans can lead to going back to old ways of eating! I definitely didn't want that but how was I supposed to think of something fresh to make all the time?

Sure, one option is to look up recipes online scouring the web for something that seems easy enough to do. But what about time constraints? No one wants to go home after working an 8+ hour day to then spend an hour or two in the kitchen. It seemed like all of the recipes I found online would take a long time to prepare and would require ingredients that I just didn't have readily stocked at home.

I decided to do a search online for something else instead - I wanted something that would send my meals to me with recipes and ingredients already picked out. And that is when I found GREEN CHEF.

This post is going to be my review on Green Chef and if you're interested in trying it for yourself, I have a code that will give you $55 off your first order. Click the link below to check it out and give the rest of this post a read to see why I love it so much!


I have been a loyal Green Chef customer for over a year now primarily because Green Chef has actually helped me SAVE money! Of the several plans they have available (Keto, Paleo, Balanced Living, Plant Powered and Family Plan) I, of course, go with the vegan menu and pay $11.99 per meal and receive 6 meals a week. It's not often you can eat out anymore for less than that!

Also, they send you all of the ingredients you need to make the meals! This means you're not going around a grocery store, picking up a bunch of groceries you will only use only once, then have waste left over and throwing it away - I don't know about you, but I do not enjoy throwing away money.


To follow up on the waste, I am so thankful that Green Chef has created a response to food waste. For example, I love that I do not have to buy a whole bundle of kale or collard greens, just to use the 2-3 leaves that a recipe calls for. Green Chef supplies you with only the ingredients you need to make the dish and that's it! 

Also, every part of the packaging that Green Chef sends is recyclable! They ship in cardboard boxes and the insulation they use (which changes from time to time) is made of recyclable material. The plastic that the ingredients are sent in can be recycled with other plastics and the ice packs that are sent to keep the food cold can have the non-toxic gel dumped in the trash and have the plastic recycled on that also. You could even keep an ice pack or two to reuse. Simply stick it back in the freezer so you're ready to keep something cool.

I actually have kept a couple of them myself. I reuse them time and time again in my own coolers if I'm having a picnic. They can go in the freezer to re-freeze and then can be used at any time.


I love how Green Chef allows me to fully customize when I get my meals. I can have the delivery come on any weekday of my choice, and I always have the option to skip a week if I do not want to receive a delivery. I've done this when I went on vacation and wouldn't need delivery or if I just wasn't interested in the meals they were offering that week. 

Their customer account platform where you can log on and adjust your settings is so user-friendly that skipping a week is as simple as clicking a button. No questions asked, just keep in mind they charge you a week before the meal gets delivered so you'll have to skip your week ahead of time. Here you can also change the day you get your delivery and even which address they send the delivery to.

Changes can be made to apply to just that particular week, or you can have them adjusted permanently. This worked out great for me when I moved! I just switched my address on my account and I never missed a delivery.


Okay so the price is great, the convenience is great, the usability of the site is great - but how is the food? 

The food... is... AMAZING! 

I have tried so many different kinds of food since joining Green Chef. I love how they incorporate food from different cuisines from all over the world. One week I might have anything from South American Fajitas to Mediterranean Pasta, and maybe some Asian Pad Thai. What's the best part? It's all USDA Certified Organic. 

The quality of the food is fresh, healthy and exciting and as a vegan, I don't even have to think about it! Most of the thinking that is involved is used to log on each week and select which delicious meals to get. For the Plant Powered Menu there are 7 meal options to choose from that change weekly - 4 of which are fully vegan. 

The meals take on average about 30 minutes to complete from start to finish so certainly easy enough to do when you get home from work. Not to mention, they are full-sized portions. You will not go hungry eating one of these packed dinners which is something I was concerned about. You can take it easy knowing that you can whip up a quick, tasty and satisfying meal for you and your family. 

Each set of ingredients is easily packed together and organized so you know what goes with what dish and all meals are accompanied by an easy to understand recipe card. With helpful tips on how to cut certain vegetables and meaningful insights as to why certain things are done the way they are.

Thanks to my use of Green Chef, I can actually see that I've gained a bit of culinary knowledge. Now when I am cooking my own meals I am conscious of what foods I pair together, how I should garnish and present my dish.

In other words - Green Chef actually made me a better cook! 

At the end of the day... 

Green Chef has so much to offer. They have meals to suit many tastes and diet preferences. Their meals change weekly so you're always eating something new and fresh. Their online user platform is so easy to use and understand so making Green Chef work for you and what you find convenient is fully in your control.

I would highly recommend using Green Chef just to change things up a bit for yourself at home. Use it to create a delicious date night meal, or cook all your meals at once and use it as a meal prepping guide for the week! I have been using Green Chef for a year and as long as they keep doing what they're doing, I'll continue to fully support them! 

Eat well, my friends - Namaste

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