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Chakra Meaning - The Root Chakra

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Have you ever had a moment where you've felt stressed for maybe no reason at all? Your anxiety seemed to be through the roof and you couldn't seem to control it? You don't know what path you are on, or what you should be doing? Maybe you feel scared and insecure? Maybe you feel lost and unstable?

If this sounds like you - it could be that your root chakra may be out of balance.

Maybe you've heard the term before, maybe not, but your body is comprised of many chakras. These are - clusters - essentially where energy can be collected and stored.

These chakras have a significant impact on how we live our daily lives. When they are blocked, we find that our mental and physical bodies become distressed. When they are open and healed, we live lighter and more peaceful lives.

In this 7 part series, I will be taking you through the 7 primary chakras in the body. Though there are other, more subtle, ones these seven that I'll be discussing during the coming months make up the major chakra system.

Once you learn about them you'll be able to recognize when one may be out of balance. You'll learn how to bring the out of balance chakras back in sync and continue working towards your inner peace.


Muladhara is the Sanskrit term for the root chakra. Mula meaning "root" and adhara meaning "basis." So Muladhara is the root of our existence, the basis for our being. 

The root chakra is the first chakra in our body and is located at the very base of the spine. Like all things in life, we must build from the ground up. Before we can work toward understanding the other chakras, we must first come to know this one. 

This chakra represents our sense of self. We must come to know who we are before we can go anywhere in life. You've heard the phrase "you need to learn to love yourself before you can expect to love someone else" and this is very true. You must know who you are at the root of your being before you know what you'll want in life. 

The root chakra is depicted by the color Red and is the densest of all chakras. 

The color red corresponds to feelings of confidence and passion. Red draws our attention and provides a sense of security. Think of how you feel when you wear that stunning red dress - confident right? What about the red traffic light, or the red stop sign - they all draw your attention. It turns out, our eyes can't help but be drawn to this bright red color. 

Fight or Flight Response

When we feel insecure or have a lack of confidence our root chakra may be out of balance. This usually leads us to feeling fear, or of not having a clear sense of direction. Our root chakra houses our sense of survival

When we feel that sense of immediate stress we turn to our fight or flight response. We feel unbalanced and hasty. This can usually lead us to make rash decisions and possibly push even further off balance. 

The key to maintaining our survival is to make sure we have a solid base to walk on. We need that constant stability in our life in order to minimize stress. This is why the root chakra is so important and is the first chakra in our system. We need to build up, open, and heal this chakra so that we dive deeper into the other chakras we'll not be afraid, and we'll have a solid idea of who we are. 

Root Chakra Healing

Our root chakra is represented by the element Earth - so doing things that make us feel grounded will help to bring our chakra back into balance. 

Yoga and chakras are highly interconnected. Finding yoga poses that focus on grounding can be tremendously helpful in bringing the chakra in sync with the rest of the body. 
  • Simply sitting in Sukhasana - seated meditation pose can help ground you. Allowing yourself some stillness to center yourself and feel the sits bones pressing down into the ground. Feel that connection of your Root Chakra meeting with the Earth.
  • Tadasana - Mountain Pose is a standing posture that can help ground you. Try doing this outdoors with your feet on the grass to really feel the energy of the Earth flowing under you. Focus on the soles of the feet, you may notice a sensation there when the energies from your body and the Earth cross paths. 
  • Savasana - Corpse Pose is a simple pose that allows you to feel the Earth along the full length of your spine. When you feel supported, there is no room to feel unstable. You cannot fall when you are in Savasana, so the sense of protection and security is increased in this posture. 
If yoga is not available to you, you can try meditation and focus on sending energy to the base of the spine. Try some visualization meditation and try seeing the color red, or picture the design of the chakra which is depicted below. 

Notice the four petals that surround it. These four petals often can be recognized by the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. Some also say that the four petals indicate the four directions: north, south, east, and west and helps to explain how keeping this chakra in balance aids to guide us toward where we need to go. 

When all else fails, you can also just spend some time in nature. Let Mother Earth heal you herself. Remove your shoes and feel the ground beneath you, let the wind blow past you, feel the sun on your skin, practice bringing yourself to the present moment. Notice each sensation that you feel when you are in nature - trust me, there will be plenty to pick up on - it just takes a bit of practice to tune in. 

All of these suggestions are sure to help ground you, and when you feel grounded, you begin to heal and open your root chakra. This healing will help you to feel less anxiety, lessen feelings of depression, and increase your sense of security and stability. 

Root Chakra Foods

Another way that you can stimulate your chakras is by eating - so this is for you, my foodie friends!

To some level, I think we can all agree that eating good food boosts our energy - but our general thinking usually stops there. Have you ever wondered why some foods increase your energy? The food that we eat is full of prana or "life-force" and gives our body the fuel it needs to sustain life-giving processes. 

There are different foods that resonate with the different chakras in the body, so once you're able to recognize which chakra might be closed off or out of balance you can make choices about the food you eat to help stimulate that particular chakra. 

The first group of foods to help stimulate the root chakra, are root vegetables! Makes sense right? Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, parsnips, ginger, turmeric, etc all grow underground and reach down in the earth. These foods naturally carry grounding properties so when eaten, they help to stimulate and ground you as well. 

The second group of foods would be those that are bright red in color. As these are already naturally red, and bright they quickly help to bring energy and healing to the root chakra. These would include fruits and vegetables like strawberries, cherries, apples, pomegranates, tomatoes, radishes, etc. 


This is the first chakra, the most important. Before we can begin our journey up the spine to learn about the other chakras we have to first learn about this one. Before we can go anywhere in life, we have to first know ourselves. 

In this first part of the Chakra Meaning series, you learned how to identify when there may be an imbalance in your root chakra and ways to bring that back into healing peace. Our body is in constant communication with itself all of the time. Think of how many messages are being transmitted between the tip of your head to the bottom of your toes every second! It's like a radio station and once you tune in to the right channel you'll hear everything your body is trying to tell you. 

Take care of yourselves, my friends - Namaste

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