Tuesday, March 3, 2020

3 Easy Vegan Meals

Going vegan is not an easy thing to do... at all... especially if you are coming off of a "standard-American-diet" which happens to be filled with meat and dairy products. Think about it, is there any traditional American meal that doesn't have some kind of animal by-product?

Breakfast is usually loaded with eggs, sausage and bacon, lunch is usually some deli sandwich filled with sliced meats and cheeses, and if you're lucky for dinner you might find a few morsels of vegetables on your plate next to your giant piece of meat.

We are told from a young age, we need to drink milk to get calcium for strong bones and we need to eat meat to get protein to grow up big and strong, so it just goes to show even considering veganism is difficult, therefore, I applaud you!

Going vegan does not have to happen overnight! In fact, it is more realistic to maybe pick one day or a few days of the week that you choose to make "vegan-days." By limiting your time, in the beginning, to just a day here and there you are able to begin establishing a routine and learning to identify what it is like to eat vegan.

To get you started, I share 3 meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you can start preparing today! Pick one option from each category and you'll be prepared to eat vegan for a full day!