Monday, February 24, 2020

Top 4 Yoga Poses For Pisces

Welcome to Pisces season and get ready to open yourself up to some love and creativity! I get along with these beautiful souls so well because Pisces is a water sign just like Cancer (that's me!) and Scorpio. For anyone that has a birthday falling between February 19th - March 20th, I'm pleased to tell you that you are one special sign!

Wrapping up the Zodiac cycle you're someone who fully understands when we say we've saved the best for last. A Pisces is so loving and so caring and would go out of their way to help anyone. They are deeply rooted in their emotions so if they can stop someone from having any emotional drama, they will do whatever it takes. They make great listeners and being last in the zodiac gives them an appeal of being very wise - of having experience. 

These people experience both ends of the emotional spectrum immensely. They have low lows and very high highs. But, when they are on the positive swing of things their bubbly personality can draw anyone's attention. All they want is for everyone to be happy all the time. They are very sensitive to the emotions of those around them and are often deeply impacted by what another person may be feeling.

They have a sense of a world greater than their own and are often very spiritual people with heightened intuition. This aids them in being receptive and just simply knowing things. They are highly creative people and are generally very talented in the arts because with emotions as deep as a Pisces, of course, they'll need some kind of outlet for release.

So, for my Pisces friends I've selected 4 yoga poses just for you.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Unlocked Machu Picchu Retreat Review

How does one measure an experience? What are the variables we use, how do we collect our data and what do we compare with? Though some may have answers to these questions I feel as though these should be left open-ended. Each experience is so unique to each person and should not be measured or compared... instead, it should just be felt. 

In July of 2019 I went on a retreat that completely changed my life. Over the course of the 9 days that we were away, I felt changes in my emotional and spiritual sense of being. I grew as a person because I explored more than just the Earth around me but I was also given a place to explore myself as well.

The finding of this retreat was completely by chance - through the friend-of-a-friend acquaintance. As someone who both loves yoga and travel I had been on the lookout for something to combine two of my favorite things. A friend of mine told me she knew someone who was running this yoga retreat that went to Peru which included a hike up Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu was of course on the top of my bucket list, as I'm sure is the same for many others, so when I heard about this retreat that offered travel, yoga, and an opportunity to scratch something off my list I thought - okay I have to do this. As if that wasn't enough, I began looking at the dates - the trip was scheduled to begin on my 26th birthday - and that, my friends, sealed the deal.

This trip was one of the best memories I've been able to make so far because it changed me so much and left such a lasting impression. So, I am here to give you a full review of everything there is to know but I encourage you to pack your bags and experience it for yourself!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Valentine's Day Gifts - For Vegans

Valentine's day is just a couple days from now and maybe you're someone who plans far in advance and you are really just looking for some final tips, or maybe you've only just begun thinking about it! 

With how commercial this holiday has become there certainly always seems to be pressure to get it just right. This can be difficult whether you have been dating someone for only a couple weeks or if you have been dating for many, many years - after all, it is still Valentine's Day so there is bound to be some expectation.

To add an extra bit of spice, maybe the person you have to shop for is Vegan and you have no idea what to get them. This will mostly be guided towards those who are non-vegan who need ideas for their vegan date, but even if you are vegan planning for another vegan maybe there is something here to spark an out-of-the-ordinary idea for you as well.

Regardless, let's start out with what not to get a vegan for Valentine's Day: 

Monday, February 3, 2020

5 Tips to Go Vegan

I went vegan on my 25th birthday in July of 2018. Leading up to this point there were various times throughout my high school and college life where I had played around with the idea of being vegetarian. I always knew that I was not meant to be eating animals and felt very passionately about not wanting to eat something that was once alive.

As someone who loves animals, knowing that an animal had to be killed for my own consumption was not something that I felt okay with. Not only that, but I never knew how bad my body was feeling - until I realized what it felt like to have my body running well. These two reasons, coupled with my love for the Earth, ecosystems, and conservation led me to go fully vegan.

For a further in-depth look at these common reasons for going vegan, check out my prior post on my top three reasons to go vegan here:

Vegetarianism is cutting out meat products from your diet but going fully vegan means removing anything that is an animal by-product. That means no meat, no fish, no chicken, no eggs, no milk, no cheese and I won't even consume honey. To take it a step further, my cosmetics are vegan-friendly and I also use shampoos, products, and clothing that have not been tested on animals or made with animal products.

Veganism doesn't have the stigma it had back in the '70s and has become popular and mainstream. Here are the 5 steps that you can use to begin your transition to going vegan!