Monday, January 27, 2020

Instantly Reduce Stress And Anxiety

I am no stranger when it comes to feeling emotion, in fact, it's more often that I'm feeling an emotion so intensely that it actually takes a physical presence in my body. That knot-in-your-stomach feeling, a tightening of the chest and throat - it can be debilitating! 

It always seems to come at the worst times too, doesn't it? Right before doing some kind of major task, or while just sitting in your chair at work; it may even creep up on you while you are alone at home relaxing.

Before I got into yoga and meditation it always bothered me when people would tell me to "just breathe" when I began to feel overwhelmed with emotion - like didn't they think I knew that breathing was important? Even when I started regularly doing yoga and meditation it was mentioned enough times to know that the breath is supposed to stabilize you.

So, much to my frustration, when I was feeling overwhelmed and filled with anxiety I would take some slow, deep breaths but nothing happened. I was still riddled with worry and feeling anxious so I must have been doing something wrong, right? Now not only was I stressed, but I was getting stressed about being stressed.

There had to be something...

Monday, January 20, 2020

Top 4 Yoga Poses For Aquarius

January always seems to have a sense of newness and beginning. Oddly enough, even though January is shared by Capricorn and Aquarius, neither actually starts the zodiac cycle. In fact, Aquarius isn't even the last one but the second to last. Aquarians, those who have birthdays falling between January 20th - February 18th, are commonly mistaken for being water signs due to AQUA being in the name and that they are also symbolized by the water bearer but they are actually an Air Sign!

Air signs - which also include Gemini and Libra - are known for their intellect and curiosity and this certainly rings true for Aquarians. They are highly intelligent and ultimately truth-seeking people. Though they may have strong views and opinions on matters that mean most to them they are gifted with the ability to approach any matter with an open mind. They are great at being able to see multiple perspectives and can sway their position, provided enough proof is given.

Their way of thinking is clear and logical and they put a lot of dedication and devotion into their work. The symbol of the water bearer represents bestowing water - life - to the land. It is this that makes Aquarians absolute humanitarians. They feel all deserve equality, understanding, and care and they have no problem taking the lead when it comes to fighting for a cause.

So, here are 4 yoga poses to keep your intellectual game going strong into the new year!

Monday, January 13, 2020

Top 3 Reasons To Go Vegan

I remember in college people always knew what a vegetarian was, but the term "vegan" wasn't really thrown around too much. In my high school and college years I had the idea that I wanted to be a vegetarian for sure as I couldn't stand the idea of eating animals. There was this really great health food store in my town that had an in-house, freshly prepared food section that I would always check out just for fun and so many times I saw things labeled as 'vegan.'

It was funny because the food seemed so alien-like to me. If it didn't have meat, eggs, cheese or any other animal product, then what could possibly be in it? If I'm being truthfully honest, none of the options looked even remotely appetizing. But I've never shied away from trying new things so I picked up a vegan Asian noodle dish and tried it.

Needless to say, I've never eaten another dish from that place again. Maybe it was because I ate it cold when it said it was supposed to be warmed up (okay that's my fault), or maybe it was because it was much more expensive than a non-vegan dish would have been and I was still left feeling hungry afterward. All in all, this experience just left me thinking "okay vegan food is weird and I think I'm perfectly okay with just being vegetarian."

This was nearly 10 years ago, though, and vegan food is not what it used to be!

Just before I turned 25 there was some sort of seismic shift within me and I suddenly felt drawn to the vegan culture. I started doing research and learning all I could about what it was like to be vegan and why people were choosing to live this way.

Suddenly I felt a deep connection with the people I was beginning to follow and what they were saying. So many of their reasons were reasons that I personally had and today I'm here to share with you what those are. These are my personal top three reasons for why I went vegan, but you'll also find that many vegans will tell you that these are on the top of their list as well.

** As you begin to read, please keep in mind these are just my own personal thoughts and opinions. Each person has their own right to think and express what they want and how they feel. If you find that, as you read, you begin to feel a bit of resistance or disagreement I ask that you carefully examine your reason for why you feel that way. This is not an attack on people who choose to consume animal products, again, they are just my reasons for choosing not to. 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Types Of Yoga, And Which May be Best For You

With the arrival of January, so too come many resolutions, and it would seem that in most cases people are either for or against them. We spend so much of our time trying to suppress our feelings, that if, for a moment you do feel something - a feeling that leads you towards doing something positive for yourself - then what is the harm?

It is hard to think of New Year's Resolutions without considering some popular themes - lose weight, reduce stress, be happier... Maybe you find yourself trying to work towards a combination of these and decide you are looking to add yoga to your new routine. That's Great!

Yoga can bring about many changes including those listed above, but also increase strength and flexibility in both body and mind. Loosely translated from Sanskrit, Yoga means to "join" or link between body, mind, and breath. Connecting one's own self with the "ultimate source."

The Asanas are what most people may think of when they imagine yoga which are the physical postures and poses. However, the Asanas are just one of the eight total limbs of yoga. When people say they want to practice yoga, what they usually mean is they want to do some class involving the asanas but yoga is a practice that reaches much further than just the physical body.

Though the asanas are only one of the eight limbs of yoga, they certainly come with a tremendous benefit when done daily. The asanas help us to explore our bodies, while connecting to our breath.

It is ever-present that there are people who love yoga, but how does one begin? With so many different classes out there it can be confusing where to start, and what they all mean.

As you begin diving into the world of yoga you will notice there are some common types offered and most classes and studios will usually have some variation of these types so understanding them will best help you to choose which class to begin with!